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Learn In 45 Minutes How This Secret Strategy (Anyone Can Do) Made Me $30 Million In Under 4 Years

Learn In 45 Minutes How This Secret Strategy (Anyone Can Do) Made Me $30 Million In Under 4 Years


Here's Exactly What You Will Learn!

These Are The Skills You Will Master After The FREE Live Training Session

 High Ticket Blueprint

Millionaire Mindset

What Are High Ticket Offers

 Passive Income Strategies

Finding Your Purpose/Why

 Building Your Brand

Viral Content Strategies

Setting Goals

 Learning To Launching

And many, many more... You TOO can do this… You must do this… And Raphael Will show you how!

Unlock Your 3 FREE Resources For Entrepreneurs During The Live Call!

To build a successful business, you must lay the foundation first. Now let’s make a big-deal business plan, just for you. We’ll show you every step—no guesswork. It's truly the most effective way to making your business dreams real. Grab it and go get that win!


With the calculator, you'll be able to play around with the numbers so you can see for yourself how powerful this business model really is. My intention behind creating this was so you can reverse engineer your dream income and see how possible it is to get there..


We all know AI is here to stay. Not only is it here to stay, but it's here to make us MONEY. With these EXACT ChatGPT prompts, I've gone viral numerous times on Instagram & TikTok which has brought over $1,000,000 in sales through my high-ticket offers...and now they're yours to keep.


In 2013...

  • Just $14 in my bank account

  • ​Slept in my mothers basement watched her working 2 dead end jobs supporting me and my mentally disabled brother

  • ​Worked Countless deadens jobs making most $12 and hour

  • ​Escaped life through Violence, drugs, parties, and relationships

  • ​Skinny and lacking confidence

  • ​Kicked out of High school and Never Graduated

  • ​Bullied in Elementary school

  • ​Trapped in the matrix, earning just $2000 a month trying to help my mother with bills

  • ​Invested all my money in my 1st Real Estate coach and got robbed everything

  • ​Got broken up with and was heartbroken at the same time

  • ​Almost murdered by 10+ Gang members after they fractured my skull with Brass Knuckles

  • ​Started my Real Estate Flipping business from Scratch with only Youtube/Google and $14 left in my bank account

And Now? Things are a little different...

  • Retired my Mother 100% Since 2015 When I became a Millionaire. She hasn’t worked Since and my Mentally disabled brother taken good care of

  • ​Physically fit with a 6 Pack and tattooed

  • ​A Multi - millionaire, generating Passive income over 400K a month and Active income of over 300k+ a Month

  • ​Travel the world every month and spend $20,000 minimum per Vacation

  • ​Live in a 10,000 Sq FT Mansion and have the Woman of my Dreams

  • ​A 24/7 servant, living for others and building Leaders

  • ​Don't use drugs, don't drink alcohol, and don't party

  • ​Helped Turn 100s of people into Multi 6-Figure a year Earner and 50+ People into Millionaires and Multi Millionaires

  • ​Donated Hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year

  • ​Never miss a day, wake up at 6 am to Pray and Train HARD

  • ​Serve God and Give him his Glory every single day and Live Every Second of my day with Extreme Confidence and Purpose

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